Our Methodology

Our solutions team, uses time-honoured for designing and implementing a clear process framework. Our goal is to help your company increase the ease and efficiency of doing business and deliver quality solutions.

Our flexible methodology can be adapted to:

  • Integrate and utilize client methodologies when appropriate
  • Integrate and utilize platform / partner methodologies when appropriate

Project Management Office (PMO)

Our flexible methodology can be adapted to:

  • Manage activities and tasks, including budget and time line
  • Conduct reviews, track issues, prepare status reports, and process change requests so stakeholders always know project status
  • Work within a Change Management and Governance process that includes both client and IPC Technical Services executives

User Experience Design

Typically, we deliver User Experience Design (UX) solutions as part of an application we develop for a client. UX is an integrated part of our development methodology, creating a user-cantered interface architecture and interaction model to increase usability of an application and add differentiation when desired.

Visual Information Architecture

As we design your site, we offer both conventional documentation and clickable interactive prototypes to gather feedback quickly and keep up-to-date documentation. Changes can often be made on-the-fly, which shortens the time for each iterative testing cycle. It also ensures that functional specifications and the prototype stay in sync and provide a unified base of specifications for the development team.

By providing a series of high-fidelity visual paper wireframes that resemble actual electronic interfaces, our clients and end user test groups can:

  • Better grasp how the application will function
  • Provide more useful and productive input and feedback throughout the process
  • Identify potential usability problems long before development and coding begin

Because paper prototyping is not always the most effective mechanism for testing functional designs, we also create clickable prototypes in HTML through our iDocs program, which:

  • Simulates the application’s desired functionality
  • Enables users to interact with the interfaces
  • Allows input and feedback throughout the process
  • Permits changes to the prototype to reflect user feedback
  • Shortens the amount of time for each iterative testing
  • Keeps documentation up to date for the development team

Flexible Delivery Models

Our proven global delivery model provides superior business, process, and technology expertise to meet your specific goals, work the way you need, and lower your cost of application ownership.

We deliver solutions with teams based on-site and at your locations. We use a one-team approach regardless of where members of your project team are located, with our consistent Methodology and risk mitigation across our delivery options

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